SoundQuest Recording studio is a fully equiped audio recording and mixing facility. The studio was opened by acclaimed singer/song writer producer Kenny Nolan (”Lady Marmalade” Patti Labelle, “My Eyes Adored You” Frankie Valli, “I Like Dreamin” Kenny Nolan,“A Penny For Your Thoughts” Tavares, “Masterpiece” Atlantic Star, “Get Dancin’” Disco Tex, plus many others) and his son, engineer/writer/producer Brett Nolan.Open to the public for private bookings, SoundQuest Recording has provided Kenny and Brett the opportunity to share this great sounding studio.Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, SoundQuest Recording is convient to access from all around the Los Angeles area. We have great sounding large live rooms as well as a large control room which was tuned by Allen Sides (Ocean Way), who also provided us a 48 channel vintage Neve 8248 recording console. Featuring Avid Pro-Tools HDX with 48 channels of HD I/O interface as well as Logic Pro 9.

Some people who have recorded with us include:

Kenny Nolan
Frankie Valli
Ray Parker Jr.
Elliott Yamin
Bob Crewe
(Glyphix_Hannah Montana)
Warner Bros.
(Click N’Kids _ LooneyTunes)
Chris Fields
X-Ray Dog
-John Ottman
-Lior Rosner
Craig Pilo

Chuck Negron
Mali Music (RCA)
Break Originals
Fuel Records
Gary Herbig
Lee Thornburg
Gary Grant
Jimmy Carnelli
Fino Roverato
Robbie Robinson
Marc Ford
Artie Schroeck

Circular Reference Band
-Kenny Aronoff
-Roger Manning Jr.
-Chis Chaney
-Phil X
-Steve Bertrand
-Steve Churchyard
-Tom Rezek
Releve Music Ent.
-Cynthia Simons
-PK Carter
-Mary Mary
(Colgate commercial spot)

Michael O’Neill
John Hetherington
Aaron Goldstein
Will Champlin
Jobi Ford
Charlotte Gibson
Sea The Desert Entertainment
Jessica Caylyn
Steve “Goldy” Goldstein
AVEX music group
Asahi Brewery
Kieera Sheard

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