• Billable session time begins at exact time booked.
  • Overtime (if available) is at the same hourly rate.
  • Time is billed in hour increments (after minimum set time).
  • All payments must be made at the conclusion of each session unless arranged otherwise in advance.
  • Deposits are only refundable if the session is cancelled with at least 24 hours notice before 9am of next business day.
  • Recorded material will only be released upon full payment of completed session.
  • Cash, check, and credit cards are acceptable forms of payment.
  • If payment is made by check, SoundQuest Recording will release the material to the artist when the check has cleared.
  • New clients are required to put a credit card on file and put down a deposit for the studio time.
  • Studio includes an assistant engineer as part of your booking. If you need an engineer for a session, we can provide one for an
    additional fee.

First time clients, please fill out the following form for our records. This information is required to validate/authorize your credit card.
You will NOT be charged at this time.

By booking time I represent that I am an authorized signer of the party to be billed and herby confirm and acknowledge the terms and conditions of this studio booking as outlined above and agree to pay all invoices, in full, in pursuant to the billing terms stated above. I further agree to the terms and conditions of SoundQuest Recording’s cancellation policy. In the event that SoundQuest Recording must enforce its claim to past due balances, then, in addition to the outstanding sums due, I/we shall agree to pay SoundQuest Recording’s reasonable attorney’sfees to enforce collection. Any damage done to SoundQuest property is to be fixed at clients expense and will be brought to the attention of the clients representative. SoundQuest Recording shall not assume any liability for loss or damage to client property left or stored on the premises. If properties of value are left on the premises, SoundQuest Recording recommends the client to cover the full value and secure the appropriate insurance.

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